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MiaCMS was forked from Mambo CMS 4.6 Branch on April 29th, 2008, revision 1689. Below you find information for MiaCMS specific releases that have taken place since that time.

Version 4.6.4 (05/12/2008 - Our First Release, code name Flourish)

A lot has changed in this first release. Some minor and some relatively major items. MiaCMS v4.6.4 was based on Mambo 4.6.3's latest SVN as of April 29th, with a few minor merges since then. We wish we could have started with the Mambo 4.7 release we worked so hard to help build, but alas 4.7 has sat dormant for months and still has not seen a GPL release. With the majority of the development team now working on MiaCMS who knows when 4.7 will see the light of day. Thus we have been forced to move on without it and re-implement some of the same items ourselves where it made sense. Many (not all) of original goals for the Mambo 4.7 release can now be found in MiaCMS, plus many more that were not planned for Mambo. The team has been on a roll since we decided to fork two weeks ago. Below is an attempt to document those changes for you:

Cliffnotes/Executive Summary

  1. New default frontend template called "Borders"
  2. New administrator template
  3. Introduction of the YUI Library as our framework of choice for future releases
  4. Introduced new content editor and upgraded existing one
  5. RESTful API now bundled in core. Enhanced external interaction.
  6. New Sitemap component
  7. Integration of section/category based RSS
  8. New social sharing module

Detailed Information

  • First up is a brand new default front-end template called "Borders". It utilizes the powerful YUI Grids CSS. You can still build templates for MiaCMS as you always have for Mambo, but we recommend Grids for help with constructing powerful cross-browser and standards compliant templates. Constructing a mock layout can be done in minutes with the simple graphical Grid Builder tool. A fair amount of XHTML compliance work has been completed in v4.6.4 of MiaCMS. However, there are still some internal portions of MiaCMS which may not be generating XHTML compliant code. We completed this work for Mambo 4.7 a while back, but as stated above we are reworking it now for Mia. It is better, just not perfect yet. MiaCMS should be capable of delivering XHTML 1.0 Strict sites after the next minor release or two.

Screenshot of Borders:

  • Next up we have big news on the Administrator interface. A brand new look and feel is in place which is consistent with the MiaCMS color theme. This new theme comes complete with all new icons based on a combination of the Tango Icon Library & the famfamfam silk icon set. Many of the outstanding admin side markup errors and XHTML validation issues have also been resolved with this release. A few areas still need some considerable work, but for the most part things are much cleaner now.

Screenshot of the New Admin Theme:

  • In addition to the new theme we are very happy to announce the selection of the YUI Library as our framework of choice for future releases. The first MiaCMS release brings with it many YUI based changes. The YUI Library was selected based on its functionality, large user base, attention to detail, fantastic documentation, support forums, and superb cross-browser support. We are also utilizing the YUI Effects Widgets released by Dav Glass modeled after the popular script.aculo.us effects library.

  • With the MiaCMS 4.6.4 release we have converted all Administrator tabs over to the YUI Tabview component. Support for the older mosTabs function is still in place for 3rd party usage, but we recommend everyone take a good look at YUI Tabview.

Screenshot of the new MiaCMS tabs:

  • The Create New/Edit Existing Content Item screen has also seen a good bit of revision. The old "advanced parameters" tab interface has been replaced by a set of accordion boxes. This is partly for eye-candy, but also serves the dual purpose of allow multiple advanced parameter areas to be viewable at the same time which cannot be achieved with tabs.

Screenshot of new Advanced Parameters area:

  • Another area of great change in this release is the Administrator menu system. In the past Mambo has relied on the 3rd party JSCookMenu library to drive its menus. This has served the system well for many years, but where possible it makes sense to utilize a single framework. The newly included YUI Library includes vast menuing capabilities. We have completely rewriting mod_fullmenu utilizing the YUI Menu component and the new menus are driven off of semantic markup rather than pure JavaScript. The new menus are also keyboard accessible. The JSCookMenu library is still included for usage by 3rd parties, but we encourage everyone to take a good look at YUI Menus. Note: If some reason there are major issues with the menus in this first release the old menus can be restored by renaming /administrator/modules/mod_fullmenu.php.old.

Screenshot of the new Menus in Action:

  • MOStlyCE, the default content editor for Mambo over the last several years, has moved over exclusively to MiaCMS. No future versions of MOStlyCE will be released for Mambo. With MiaCMS v4.6.4, MOStlyCE's internals have been upgraded to TinyMCE v3.0.7 and a few other minor MOStlyCE bugs have been corrected.

  • A brand new editor called Byte has been created for MiaCMS. Byte is mambot built on top of the YUI Rich Text Editor with a few custom buttons. At the moment Byte is still the secondary editor to MOStlyCE. We wanted to let folks test it out and see what the communities reaction to it is before we make the big switch. Plus the YUI Rich Text Editor is still in beta so felt it best to wait until it was production ready. Even in beta though this new editor rocks. We plan to continue expanding its integration with Mia and develop file/image managers much like what MOStlyCE has today. Both editors will be supported for the foreseeable future.

Screenshot of Byte:

  • The MOStlyREST work done by Brilaps, LLC has been included in MiaCMS. This brings RESTful functionality to the MiaCMS core by default. All you have to do is turn it on! For the REST go here ....

  • A brand new Sitemap component has also been included in the core by default. "Sitemaps are an easy way for webmasters to inform search engines about pages on their sites that are available for crawling". We had originally started this work for Mambo 4.7, but have since extensively modified and enhanced this component specifically for Mia. The new sitemap component generates sitemaps compliant with the sitemaps protocol. The component can be used to generate a static XML file for search engine crawlers to discover and/or can serve up the XML dynamically via a URL which can be submitted to major search engines like Yahoo, Google, etc. Site owners can also create menu entries to the sitemap component and it will build a visual sitemap for your frontend users.

  • Integration of section/category based RSS

  • Last, but not least a brand new module called Social BitsSocial Bits has been included in the core. Simply put Social Bits makes sharing your site... simple! Just publish and position the module on your site and then your users can share bits of your site on some of the most popular sharing services the Internet has to offer (i.e.) Digg, del.icio.us, reddit, etc.

Screenshot of Social Bits:

Stay tuned for much more in the upcoming weeks!

The MiaCMS Team

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